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Buy YouTube Views ? Yes i do )

Many people do it, but little is known about buying YouTube views.

the first question that comes to mind is why someone want to Buy youtube views ? There can be numerous reasons to do such a thing. Think about all the artist and celebrity  who are trying to become famous using Blogs, singing and acting. Or what about the instructional video's on how to become rich on the internet, where to buy viagra or where to buy your latest ringtones?

The problem with becoming famous on YouTube is there are already thousands of people with a head start. They already got a subscriber base, their video's have more views already, and people simply know their faces. If you upload your video, no matter how good you are, there is only a chance of 1 in a million you will get famous without help. The same goes for product video's i mentioned above. Nobody will see the video unless you are already being viewed by thousands.

Ok so you are thinking about buying youtube views, for whatever purpose you think is suitable. Let's assume you have a budget planned for it, or simply consider it as a hobby and are willing to spend some money on it. What are your options?

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