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hacked alexa traffic rank for blogger

quick and easy steps to improve you blogger blog traffic ranking, as we all know is a company on the internet
that gives every single site on the internet it’s own rank.
there is web sites ranked 24.000.000 and another ranked under the 100.000
and the second is all what we need.
when i started publishing this site. my alexa rank was 6.300.000.
but now, thank god it is just 993.778, and it’s increasing day by day.
alexa updates the rankings every 4 or 5 days. and you can monitor the changes that happen to your traffic rank and try to improve it always.
and here i gonna tell you some easy, cheap, fast steps that will make your rank increase quickly. and it works for me.
the first one here should be the most famous advice when it comes to alexa traffic rank increasing. installing alexa toolbar.and when you browse your blog every day. Ask your friends to do the same. Every time you browse your blog, Alexa Toolbar will communicate your visits to the Alexa Ranking Engine, which will update your ranking.
actually alexa depending on the toolbar to arrange the rankings.
set you blog as the home page for your browser.
and try to do it with all your friends and every computer you can control.i mean if you work at big company and there is big number of computers there. if you can set all browsers home page to you blog url, that’s going to be great.
try to add webmasters category to your blog, because all webmasters already installed alexa toolbar, and that’s must affect your rank when they visit your blog with alexa toolbar installed.
Increase traffic to your blog. That is what alexa is all about. and when you visit any blog or forum with related content, leave your link there as comment or reply.
Add alexa rank widget to your blog. alot of people did it and it works for them.
Right article about alexa and encourage people to download the alexa toolbar.
i hope you all good luck and higher traffic rank.


  1. Thanks for the information. I visit my blog post everyday with the toolbar, but never thought about having it as my homepage. Thanks for the info!

  2. Very good this tutorial .For increase traffic Alexa and visitor click this tutorial :


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