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Hi all, Today i am going to announce that Top Commenting Contest organized by Pracasify Blog starts from today i.e. April 30, 2011. This contest is organized in order to make friendly relationship among the users and other bloggers.

In this contest, the winner will be selected by the number of comments they has done. The number of comments will be calculated by the help of the widget which is totally based on Yahoo Pipes. This widget counts the number of comments a user has done. This widget is placed openly in my sidebar.

About the contest
In this contest, one should comment more in the blog posts. The winners will be selected according to number of comments in the blog. But, the comments should be related to the blog post. Readers are allowed to comment freely in all the blog posts. To win the contest, you have to comment more then more. As, every thing has its own protocol, i've created some rules that binds you while participating on this blog.

Rules of the contest
  • You should comment with same name and same URL so that your comment won't be miss count. You better login in blogger and comment. That will be safe and accurate.
  • Comment must be related to the post title and content. 
  • You should not change your name while commenting
  • Anonymous user cannot participate in the contest
Winner gets :
Top three commentators will be selected as the winner of the contest. I will place 125 X 125 px ads banner in my blog sidebar for some period according to their position. The winner prize is written below

1st prize - banner for 1 year + 1 blog post of the winner's blog review + back links in my other blogs for 1 year
2nd prize - banner for 6 months + 1 blog post of the winner's blog review + back links in my other blogs for 6 months
3rd prize - banner for 3 months + back links in my other blogs for 3 months
Please let me know if you are participated in this contest.

Now start to comment in my blog and be the lucky commenting winner.

This Contest lasts till 1 month i.e. May 28.


  1. I have seen first time this type of contest on internet.i'm new to participate in my first online contest,and your prize are awsome....lolz...
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  2. @Abhi ...THank for taking part in my commenting contest...... keep commenting frd

  3. well i really looking forward for this

  4. Welcome @rajinder singh...start commenting

  5. welcome @articles stories...:-)_

  6. I have a question by the way when is this contest ending?

  7. nvm sry for last comment it's over :(

  8. Hey, it is looking interesting one. I will definitely take part in it:-)

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