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6 Traffic Generation Techniques

traffic,traffic generation,blog trafficGenerating traffic to your blog, whether new or old, is one task most webmasters are unable to do in the right way and are still struggling in traffic generation. They often try the wrong techniques and then get disappointed by lack of results. This is one of the reasons why so many bloggers give up so quick.
However, the point is… Generating traffic to your blog is amongst the easiest task you’ll ever come across. All it takes is a bit of reading on the internet and then adding your own creativity and mixing it. And of course, do it with dedication. If you’re going to do it as a job that needs to be done and get over with, then you won’t succeed at it.

Here are those 6 Unique Ways OF Generating Traffic which you may have not think of earlier.

1. Renovate Your Blog Design

Creating a new design for your site can often give you a boost in the traffic. Not only does the change spike interest everywhere, but you can also submit your new design to a few popular CSS Showcase galleries. These galleries, being popular, send back quite a bit of return traffic that can end up turning into loyal visitors. And at the end of the day, loyal readers is exactly what we want!

2. Write An Interesting List Article

If you’re looking to get seriously targeted traffic, then be one of the first people to write a ‘Top 10′ post about anything that’s new and being talked about. You could also simply write a ‘Top 10 Blogs” post relating to the blogs in your niche. That’s something a lot of people search for, and you stand a chance of getting a lot of search engine traffic.

3. Tener un blog Traductor – Have A Blog Translator

You may have not understood above line(instead of people understanding spanish) if I wouldn’t have provided the translation. And same may be the situation with the people who may not understand your blog language. Installing a translator plugin could help you to increase the blog traffic highly.
Don’t forget the fact that English is not the only language that users on the internet speak/understand. There’s quite a few that do not understand English very well. Having a translator facility on your blog will mean you can get a more diverse range of traffic. And quite a few of them may end up being repeat visitors. Because your blog is one of the few that allows them to read posts in their own language. There’s a few free plugins available to do that. But there’s a plugin or two that are paid. They do the job much better, though.
Note: At SmartBloggerz, Translator can be found in the footer. So use it ;)

4. Create valuable content

Nothing (and I mean, NOTHING) will ever create traffic that’s more valuable then the content on your blog. What you post should not only be informative but should also be capable of sparking a discussion. Such posts often get linked to from a lot of places and that’s when your traffic starts spiking.

5. Offline Promotion

Don’t forget that the only way to generate traffic is not just online. Include your URL in every place you possibly can, offline. On your business cards(if it’s a business blog), your car, your house (YES! it may sound funny), letterheads, etc. It’s not often that you see websites (particularly blogs) being advertised offline. And when you DO see one, you tend to remember it very well. That’s the affect offline advertising has on everyone!

6. Link baiting in forums

This is one overlooked traffic generation method. Write an interesting post, and include only a quarter or half of it. And leave a backlink to the blog in that post. Let people click through to your blog to be able to read the post.
How does this help? When they click through to your blog, a good % of them will generally engage themselves in another post or two on your blog. And quite a few will eventually subscribe. That’s it. That’s what I/you want!


So you just read 6 unusual but effective ways to bring traffic to your blog/website. Trying these methods will substantially increase your traffic if implemented properly. Do you have any more unusual or interesting ways of traffic generation? Then please do share with us and your opinion about this article by commenting below :)


  1. I have tried a couple of these ideas and there is deffinit truth to what your saying. I havn't tried link baiting in forums yet but i will for sure. Is there any SEO advice you can give in regards to getting traffic to a niche site. Mine is a post apocalypse survival guide, is there anything that I should be doing different becuase of the topic or is there a "one size fits all" answer ?

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  8. These Techniques really works, I Have tried Several of them and really had a good impart of it On My Blogs.

  9. Nice ideas.. will use in my blog


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