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make blog index quickly by seo/google

Having Trouble to get your blog indexed  Or your blog is indexed slowly by google and other search engines.. Dont worry I will show you 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Blog Indexed Or updated By Search Engines quickly..

Indexing by major search engine such as Google is really important to get traffics. It’s an important SEO factor and by getting indexed by Google means that your blog article is exposed to whole world.

First check whether you site is index by google or not. if not or not sure than go through my Adding Sitemap To Google article HERE ..

Adding Your Blog To Social Bookmarking Sites

There is a lot of bookmarking sites.  choose some higher PageRank, also known as PR, social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon to submit your blogs because Google bots frequently visits theses high PR sites looking for new content in it.
So, when Google spiders start crawling the website and finds your blog link there then it will automatically follow that link and will crawl to your blog to start indexing.

Adding your Blog To Directories

Adding Your Blog To Blog Directories Dramatically increases Your Sites Traffic as Well As Page Rank

I think I don’t have to explain this one as this formula works just works like the above techniques. Some of them are Technorati, BlogCatalog, My Blog Log.

Commenting On Do Follow Blogs

Dofollow” don’t exist but it has a meaning. That is, it does not contain rel=”nofollow” tags in their comment section. So start commenting whenever you come across “dofollow” blogs under your niche. Like my blog is under "dofollow" rule.

Whenever Google comes across to that do-follow blog and found your site’s address in the comment sections, it will automatically follow that link and starts indexing your blog at the same time. But remember, don’t spam, because, the administrator will delete that comment in no time. Comments such as just “Thanks” or adding E-mail address or adding links to spam sites and etc are always considered as spam comments.

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