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put AdSense ads in the Middle or Anywhere of Blogger posts

This trick surprisingly increased my earnings 4 times from last few days! I have modified my blog code to put adsense ads between post title and post body!
Well this kind of ad placement will surely result in higher payout! But I’m demonstrating how to do that for blogger beta only! You can apply similar hack for other blogging platform! Google for help… ;-) #Steps for placing ads in every post!
1. Log in to your blogger beta account!
2. From your dashboard, click on “Layout”
3. Next click “Edit HTML
4. Now CheckExpand Widget Templates” (by default it is unchecked)
5. Now search for post.body in codes. (Better use your browsers built-in search feature)
6. By default it should appear in your layout code only for once and you should reach the line…
7. Now if you want to put your adsense codes between post title and post body paste it above the line you found in step 6
 below the line to show ads after posts! first
first encode your adsense ads html code  with encoder before putting your ads

9. Your Google Adsense Codes will have following lines!
<script> type=’text/javascript’><!–
just replace highlighted < with &lt; and > with &gt;
If you have any doubt about this please read note at the end!
10. Its time to hit preview button! :-)

#Tips: Using Blend template for Adsense!
From day one, I have been using Blend template for Google Adsense. But in above hack you must use that! I feel so because your ads will appear in every post and end-user experience may degrade if your color scheme is annoying!

#Note: How modification to the Adsense code is not against its TOS?
First you can open your blog and cross-check its source code using browsers “view source” option to see Adsense Codes back to what you have got!
Now if you know about HTML then in HTML language, we just used HTML Character Entities.
What gets stored in blogger database is actual code
 u r done
happy earning
plz comment for any help

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