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commenting on others blog is good

Imagine if as a blogger, when you leave one comment on any article or any high PR website on the web, 100-1000 people are interested with it and visit your website checking your articles then become your loyal readers.
Comments are a very common yet powerful socializing tool in blogosphere, their impact of can be very astonishing sometimes. It makes good comments have great influences, that is why every bloggers should do it. Commenting is awesomely good for bloggers because of many reasons:Mainly comments act as a backlink..

Spreading your links:

When you give some quality comments to articles in others’ websites, you are also putting some strategic links to your website. The more links you have, the more chances people will come visiting your website and read your articles.

Making your brand / name more famous:
Don’t leave anonymous comments since none will recognize you better. Write your name clearly, so that more people see your impressive comments, the more your name and brand will get the spotlight, the more your traffic increases.

Appreciate others before they appreciate you:

Most writers / bloggers expect appreciation on their works (or articles), but sometimes they forgot to appreciate others’. If we want to be appreciated well, you must learn how to appreciate others first

so keep commenting to others blog to bost your traffice ,making your name and blog famous.

What do you think of ,commenting is good for blogger? Share your views by comment below.


  1. Very nice post, I learned blog commenting from you mann, u rock!

  2. Commenting always helps in boosting the traffic and spreading the backlinks and also it helps in maintaing some good relationships with fellow bloggers..

  3. Commenting always helps. You get traffic and revenue too.

  4. @abhi :u r right frds Commenting always helps. You get traffic and revenue u get more back links ..and it optmize your seo tooo..
    keep commenting

  5. Very nice post,

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  7. really...i think this one is one of the best khowledge sharing website....

  8. Thank you, that’s very interesting information. I need to share with my friends.


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