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Maamo blogger template

Maamo is a 2 column template, with an beautiful menu links.Template is loaded with Social Bookmarks button at the bottom of post and gifted with very high quality images.It looks like an premium one with many more features like to have show your rss ready widget and your twitter and facebook account.It is also build with three column blogger footer with automatic thumbnail of blogger post.Related posts widget is also built in within the template with comments avatar activated in it.Fully loaded with features.Retweet button is also ready in it.

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Hacks Supported By Template

Maamo Template Installation

  • Facebook And Twitter Username
  • <ul> <li class='rss'> <a href='/feeds/posts/default' title='RSS Feed'>Get the latest via RSS</a></li> <li class='twitter'><a class='icon-twitter' href=''>Want to know my tweets?</a></li> <li class='facebook'><a class='icon-facebook' href=''>Join me at Facebook</a></li> </ul>
    Just edit the your-user-name in red with your username.
  • Thumbnails For Posts Without Image
  • Just find below image link and replace it with yours if want any other image.


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