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New template Mywordpress for blogger

This is beautiful template by Kailoon at Themforest. A really beautiful theme with many great features. As promised in my tweets I have provided two templates in the first two weeks of October.
  1. 6-color options Red,darkblue,grey,black,green,purple.
  2. Build in related posts widget under every post.
  3. Jquery powered SuperFish for dropdown menu
  4. Compatible with major browsers.
  5. Flickr gallery showcase.
  6. Easy integration with static pages ( Check its About page).
  7. 3 column customizable footer.
  8. PSD included.
  9. Ad Management System.
  10. Social Linking (Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.)
1. Installing color style – In the download I haven’t added the code that will colorize the template. That you have to do it yourself. Choose the color that suites you. I have provided codes in the download. Just copy the color code and paste it just above ]]></b:skin> tag in the template.
2. Adding Flickr gallery to footer – To add flickr gallery to the footer just paste the below code in the widget option (HTML/JavaScript) after replacing the code in bold with your flickr UserID.
To find the UserID login to Flickr account and Click YOU option in the navigation. You will be directed to a URL like :- The code 8710861@N07 is your UserID
<div class='flickr_wrap'>
<script src=';display=latest&amp;size=s&amp;layout=x&amp;source=user&amp;user=UserID' type='text/javascript'/>
3. Related posts with thumb – The related posts with thumb widget is already installed in the template so you don’t need to install it again.
Just remember the script of the related posts widget is a bit different from those found in the blogosphere. I have provided the script with the download.
4. Use jump link option in blogger draft to hide part of the post.
5. How to post – Use images of size 200px X 200px and add class=”thumb” to the img tag. Remember there should not be any additional border class added in the img tag. The img tag should be like shown below:-
<a class="thumb" href=""><img src="" style="height: 200px; width: 200px;" /></a>  <p> The content goes here </p>
It should not be like below:-
<a class="thumb" href=""><img src="" style="height: 200px; width: 200px;border:0px;" /></a> <p> The content goes here </p>
6. Changing the logo – To change the logo I have provided psd (Photoshop document) with this template. Edit the logo.psd and make the adjustments in Photoshop. Save it as logo.png( don’t save as jpg format ). Upload it online and get the url. Go to template code and find
<h1 id='site-title'>
Just below it will be default logo url change it to your own’s and save the template.
If you have any problem or bug then leave a comment I will be happy to hear.


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