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Add Google +1 Button to Websites

The Google +1 button has been announced yesterday. As it can affect the way your website appear on search results pages, it really matters to webmasters and SEO.
The +1 button is now available on Google Labs and you can try it here. After joining this experiment, you can see a +1 button and recommendations on the search results pages from your contacts. At this point, these contacts come from Google contacts only, Google hasn’t be able to get data from other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
+1 is a Google idea to socialize its search results as they think recommendations from friends can help users find results quickly and it is more relevant too.
The +1 button is not only available on search result pages, Google said the version for websites will get official in the next few months. This button can help readers recommend your content on Google search easier without leaving your site. To get notified when the +1
 button for websites is available, you can sign up for email updates at +1 webmaster site.

This one has become the new signal that Google uses to determine a page’s relevance and ranking. What do you think about it?


  1. Waiting for this google +1 button.already signed up for its updates..willing to have it soon.i hope it will help in indexing me on google with better SEO.

  2. @abhi All the best frd....happi blogging..:-)

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