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Blogussion Thesis Theme for Blogger

Thesis WordPress Theme is one most powerful and flexible theme available for the WordPress users. It can be easily customized and has several custom versions. Among the Thesis Skins For Thesis WordPress Theme, Blogussion has inspired many is it’s most popular and stylish version.
Free Blogussion Thesis theme now available for Blogger
Recently I shared the Thesis Blogger Template for Free and I was now in search of good Blogger template. At this point I came across this excellent work of  HackTweaks: Free Blogussion Thesis Blogger Template.

Features of Free Blogussion Thesis Blogger Template:
  • Two Stylish columns, one is post body and second one is sidebar
  • It has 2 navigation bar
  • Easy Next Previous Navigation at the bottom of each page
  • Sidebar as pleasing as in original version
  • WordPress Like Comments section
  • Avatarized Unique Comments
  • Three widgetized Footer columns
  • More Customization options
  • Featured post zone
  • Awesome Footnote


Watch the Demo and  Blogussion Thesis Blogger Template.


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