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New-Create Static Pages in Blogger

Recently, Blogger launched the much awaited Blogger Pages Feature.
So, lets see how to Create Static Pages in Blogger.

1. Sign into Blogger Draft (

2. Click on New Post as usual.

click on new post in blogger draft

3. Select the Edit Pages from the top menu

select edit pages option from the nav links

4. Click on 'New Page' button.

create new page

5. Now, give your page a title and write the content and publish the page.

write the content and publish the page

6. If you want to display the Pages list in your Blog sidebar, select the 'Blog Sidebar' option,or you can keep it as nav menu below header by selecting 'Blog Tabs' option.

select option

Note: If You've Selected either 'Blog Sidebar' or ' Blog Tabs ' option and if you see any bx-error,.. then, come back to last page and select 'No Gadget' option.
This means,you have to add the links manually to your template.

Click on Edit Pages again and Right Click on View -> Copy link location (in firefox) and Add the link manually in your sidebar via Link widget or you can add the link in your navigation bar via template > edit html.

right click and copy link location

Thanks to Blogger for the Awesome feature.. :D


  1. god i always learned to you thanks

  2. you are my teacher for today i learned a lot ,now i know how to use static on my blog..thanks

  3. Hi...first time when i created the page it showed me option but by mistake i chose wrong i deleted all pages and trying again but it is not showing me option for static page...any ideas??


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